17 januari 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day

Lynn and I are in Sinsheim, Germany, at the moment running a 2-day workshop. Today is the end of Day 1. We feel that it went well. In fact, we know it did.

At the end of the day, when we declared it over, a strange thing happened. Al the Germans in the room clenched their right fist and banged it on the table top infront of them. We were somehat taken aback but were informed that this is a German way of showing appreciation, rather like clapping the hands is in other countries.

Inspired by this feeling of appreciation, I later made a fantastic discovery on the internet - there is something called 'Teacher Appreciation Day'. Apparently, the 5th of October is an international celebration of teachers, and different countries celebrate this is different ways.

An essay competition was initiated in Quebec for students aged 6 to 17. Entitled “Mad, mad, mad about my teacher”, the competition gave children an opportunity to write about a teacher whose influence on their lives was decisive.

The Queen of Spain gave a reception to teachers. Teacher appreciation was shown with many activities and a special classic music concert at the national auditorium in Madrid.

in Finland, 20000 apples were given to pedestrians at the main railway stations of Helsinki to express “Teachers’ humanity and personality”.

Algerian students demonstrate on the streets to show their teacher appreciation.

Namibia organizes a teacher appreciation song and poetry event, and awards are given to the best performing schools.

In Estonia, local authorities and educational institutions held festive receptions to honour the teachers and show this Baltic nation’s teacher appreciation, together with concerts, theatre performances, and balls.

In Mozambique, a national homage to teachers is conducted by the country’s media during the whole week.

I like it! More teacher appreciation please!!